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Infrastructure and transport

Turin, 21 january 2018
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Infrastructure and transport

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The economic growth of a region is widely dependent on the efficiency of its transport and communication infrastructure. The piedmontese context is directly concerned by the attraction of the continental stream travelling along the Mediterranean West to East axis which foreshadows an intermodal passage which is crucial for the whole economic and productive system.

The access from and to the Western Europe can be strategic only if there are connections able to meet the increasing flow with new modes, lines and type of transport . One of the aims of the Unioncamere Piemonte is therefore to create a functional network to optimize the transfer of goods and passengers throughout its territory. To this end, it has set up its own Transportation Committee, the "Comitato Intercamerale Trasporti". The committee┤s activity includes studies, measurements, proposals and funding of projects for transportation infrastructure. In the entire western alpine area, this work involves a close collaboration between the Regional Unions and their French and Swiss colleagues.

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