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Public Relations

Turin, 17 january 2018
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Public Relations

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Unioncamere Piemonte gives considerable importance to the quality of communication: all the services offered are represented in an optimal information format and through a lucrative choice of the media that convey it.

From the various formats of publications (book, articles, widely circulated folders) to the advertising campaigns on the various media channels, from its coordinated image to its web site, the Union of Chambers of Commerce of Piedmont intends to always realize products which are attentively edited with a clear and exhaustive content and with a both elegant and functional design.

The management of public relations is as careful as that of communication, with a special attention to the relationships with the media. Unioncamere Piemonte realized a plan of communication in order to proceed to a makeover. Several instruments have been used to reach this goal: a brochure, a video, an institutional advertisement and a web-site restyling. The Office takes care as well of the management of Public Relations, with great attention to the relationships with the media.

Press Office
The Press Office provides a service dedicated to the relationships with the media: on line press release, management of press conference and events, editing of the institutional page on the economic newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore.

Public Relations
Several instruments have been used in order to give substance to the new and coordinate image of Unioncamere Piemonte and the eight Chambers of Commerce of Piedmont, according to the always increasing role of the Union of Chambers of Commerce of Piedmont in the present context of renewed importance of the regional dimension.

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