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Protection and regulation of the market

Turin, 19 june 2018

Protection and regulation of the market

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The legal office of the Union of the Chambers of Commerce of Piedmont develops its own activities both for the Associated Chambers of Commerce, offering legal support on various matters within its sphere of competence, and for other institutional bodies with which the Chamber interacts, in particular the Piedmont Region and other local institutions present on the territory.

In short, the principal activities are:

  • Legal consultation. In the past few years, the Chamber´s system and, on more broad terms, the entire sector of the Public Administration, has been subject to legislative interventions that have introduced important innovations and complicated the task of managers and functionaries called on to apply these regulations in the course of their functions. The Legal Service gives a legal consultation support to the Regional Chambers of Commerce, exercised mostly through advice on specific questions.

  • Development of institutional relations with the Piedmont Region and with local and functional independent entities
    This activity of growing relevance, started with the Bassanini Reform, acknowledges the steadily increasing importance of regional government. The initiatives of the sector are supervised by the Legal Service in close collaboration with the Directorate of Unioncamere Piemonte:
    • Representation of the expectations and interests of the Chambers of Commerce in the context of decentralisation and reassignments to local authorities or delegations of administrative functions by the Region of Piedmont;
    • Participation in the activities of the Permanent Regional Conference of Local independent entities, in which the Union of the Chambers of Commerce is represented by its President;
    • Agreements with the Region of Piedmont and other local or functional independent entities, to create forms of collaboration on initiatives of common interest.


The law modifying the law on the Chambers of Commerce (law n°580 dated 29th December 1993) gave them important responsibilities regarding the protection of market and consumers, among which those concerning the settlement of disputes between enterprises and between enterprises and consumers by means of Arbitration or Conciliation panels.
The Legal Service provides to the Chambers a service of unconscionable clauses check on contracts between enterprises and consumers. With respect particularly to contracts with consumers, important initiatives are planned together with university institutions, such as post-graduate courses and conventions.

Another important task of the service is the drafting of model contracts. In fact, draft agreements are negotiated between associations of enterprises and associations of consumers, assisted by a Chamber of Commerce or by the Union of the Chambers of Commerce of Piedmont. In so far as they result from a discussion and an agreement between the two contractual parties, such draft have the merit of presenting already a balance between both parties to the contract, and may therefore, be used as valid instruments to prevent and limit possible disputes between the enterprise and the consumer.

The model contracts
The model contracts prevent and limit possible disputes between consumers and entrepreneurs arising from the carrying of the contract.

Conventions, courses and seminars
The Union of the Chambers of Piedmont is involved in the organization of conventions, courses and seminars to deepen the understanding of issues falling within the Chamber´s ambit.

Food safety
The projects aimed at consumer protection and enterprise certification are highly topical. One example is the GMO Service which analyses agricultural and food products to identify genetically modified organisms. Another is the Service of certification of beef quality, which uses genetic identification, the only way to ensure the genuineness of the final product.

Unfair terms
Unfair terms in consumers contracts are regulated by law nr. 52/96, which implements EC directive n. 1993/13.

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