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Innovation and Technology Transfer

Turin, 17 january 2018
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Innovation and Technology Transfer

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The Innovation and Technology Transfer Office supports the Piedmont's Chambers of Commerce with regards to Innovation and Technology Transfer matters and services.
The beneficiaries are mainly regional university R&D centres and firms which often do not have enough human capital and financial resources for innovating, improving their knowledge in technological fields and monitoring technological activities.

The involvement in international projects and the membership into transnational structures such as the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) enable the staff to count on the support of numerous organisations located all over the world for promoting technology offers and requests coming from local firms and for disseminating incoming inputs from other countries into the Region. 

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), part-funded by the European Union, is the world's largest network aimed at building technology partnerships between organisations in different countries. Primarily focused on assisting small firms, the network helps them access new and innovative technologies which can help them improve their products and processes, thus becoming more competitive and contributing to Europe's overall economic health. The network provides services specifically designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) but also available to all businesses, research centres and Universities across Europe. The Enterprise Europe Network is made up of close to 600 partner organisations in more than 40 countries, promoting competitiveness and innovation at the local level in Europe and beyond. 

The continuous activity programme of the Innovation and Technology Transfer Office is summarized in three main categories:
Knowledge and Promotion of Local Technology Sectors on a request-offer matching basis.
- Level 1: selection of innovative products and methodologies owned by companies and research centres through technology audits and company visits;
- Level 2: promotion through specific tools (Automatic Matching Tool, Promopoint and Toptech) offered for free to our clients and continuous information, organisation and assistance regarding participation in international company missions and brokerage events.
Support to the implementation of R&D Projects: Assistance on project architecture including individuation of specific calls and priorities with EU and regional funding schemes, partner search, content guidelines, pre-screening... with particular focus on SMEs.
Management of European R&D and/or cooperation projects
Ongoing projects: ALPS - Enterprise Europe Network, Innov8Gate and Presto.

The Innovation and Technology Transfer Office of Unioncamere Piemonte shares the above roles, concerning both promotion and assistance on R&D programmes, with the Innovation Office of the Turin Chamber of commerce.
Following the major industrial areas represented per province both bodies have agreed on a sectoral division of technology fields to serve companies accordingly, being Agrofood, Textiles, Houseware (metals and alloys), Sport and Logistics the main areas covered by Unioncamere Piemonte.
Other areas such as Automotive, Aerospace, Information and Communication Technologies, Environment and Biotechnologies are mainly coordinated by the Turin Chamber of commerce and involve Unioncamere Piemonte as a partner.

The main activities of the Innovation and Technology Transfer Office can be checked below:

Events 2008

Next initiatives aimed at informing and promoting transnational technological transfer

SME Innov8gate

The development, validation, testing and dissemination of a professional and sustainable SME TTT Stage Gate methodology to produce profitable innovation collaborations with large companies and RTDs


Identification of Priority RESearch TOpics for SMEs Associations in the Construction Sector

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