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About us

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We promote and launch initiatives to favour the development and valorisation, at home and abroad, of the economy and productive sectors of the region by providing support and coordination to the institutional activities of the Associated Chambers.
This is the mission of the Union of Chambers of Commerce of Piedmont, the association of the eight Chambers of Commerce of our region. They are the institutional voices of a system of approximately 400,000 enterprises, including over one and a half million employees. Consequently, Unioncamere Piemonte is the door to the regional entrepreneurial system, to the national and European Chambers of Commerce network and to the companies and institutions we participate in partnerships, which operate in all sectors of consultation and technical assistance to companies.
In order to achieve its mission, the Union of Chambers of Commerce of Piedmont works on two complementary fronts: institutional and promotional.
On the institutional front it supports and coordinates the traditional activities of the Chambers of Commerce and realizes joint services in support of the Chamber system with other bodies and institutions on a regional level. In particular it:

  • promotes joint activities and services within Chamber competencies;
  • favours the realization of joint services functional to the institutional tasks of the Chambers of Commerce;
  • coordinates the use by the Chamber system of national and EU programs, plans and funds.

On the front of promotion, the Union of Chambers of Commerce of Piedmont aims to represent the Chamber system and the regional economic fabric in Italy and abroad, especially through its Brussels headquarters. In this field it participates in program agreements, stipulates contracts, promotes the establishment of and the participation in agencies, organizations and companies to achieve the institutional purposes of the Chambers of Commerce by tending to and representing their general interests (e.g. local transportation and other infrastructure). Moreover, it coordinates the Chamber interests and petitions in its relations with the Piedmont Region and participates in the Permanent Conference of the Region and Local Autonomies. Finally, it conducts searches, produces publications, holds conventions on economic information and company training, with the purpose of orienting and sustaining the growth of economic bodies throughout the region.

Our Goals
All our activities have the following goals:
  • ongoing improvement of the characteristics of the region that are appealing as potential locations of direct investments and valorisation of the regional economy;
  • development of relations between the economic-productive system and regional institutions (Region Piedmont, Universities, Research Institutes), national institutions (the Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce and the Ministry of Industry) and EC institutions through the Brussels headquarters;
  • providing incentives for the training of new human capital with a high potential for professional growth;
  • dissemination of knowledge about the products of commerce, agriculture, industry and handicraft, as well as the high-tech products of the region, its offer of services and regional tourist attractions;
  • sustaining technological development in the various sectors of specialization.

Unioncamere Piemonte pursues its goals through a lean structure organized according to functions and projects in the following areas: Research, Foreign and Domestic Promotion, Legal Services, Strategic and Communication Projects.


The Union of Chambers of Piedmont brings together the eight Chambers of Commerce of the Region and their Special Companies in a network system.

Organization, offices and administration

Information for the users on the organization´s structure, and updated facts on administrators of the entire Regional Chamber´s system. The principal information on the Union of Piedmont´s Chambers of Commerce to understand its functioning.

Information on the organization structure

Regulated nowadays by the Law nr. 580 of December 29th 1993, the law which has reformed the Chamber's system, the Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture of Piedmont also called the Union of Chambers of Piedmont was established in 1957.

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